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Weekend Hot Topic, partial 1: What diversion are we unequivocally good at?

Years ago we would have described myself as utterly a schooled gamer, yet looking behind this notice was formed roughly wholly on removing a improved of friends some-more mostly than not during multiplayer sessions of Death Tank and Saturn Bomberman. And on winning a integrate of Street Fighter II tournaments down a internal pub. Certainly by any complicated customary I’m a clearly normal Street Fighter player!

But there is one – well, dual – games we unequivocally do feel we mastered, and would happily have called myself among a elite. The Kururin games on Game Boy Advance: Kuru Kuru Kururin and Kururin Paradise. These are nonplus games where a actor needs to beam a slowly-rotating helicopter blade by formidable mazes. we invested a outrageous volume of time and thoroughness into these games, training a perplexing levels, exploiting a shortcuts, and falling into a zen-like state to turn one with my changed Helirin.

I’m unapproachable to contend we managed to ideal any turn and kick Master Hare’s times on any turn too. This was no meant attainment we can tell we as a diversion got impossibly tough – even some-more so when perplexing to go as quick as possible! Back afterwards we would have been assured holding on anyone in a universe during those games (not that that was probable sadly). we did also collect adult a import-only GameCube supplement a few years later. It was usually as addictive, yet sadly we didn’t have a time or titillate to master it in a same way.

I also dabbled in speed-running during university for a bit, as partial of a tiny online Sonic Adventure village led by a GameFAQs contributor. This was my initial (and so distant only) knowledge of speed-running, and it was a compulsive, addictive habit. we would replay any of Sonic’s levels over and over, perplexing to trim usually a fragment off my time. Then we would email my times and methods to a man coordinating it for him to post online.

I remember we was fastest on a integrate of levels for a while: Windy Valley and Twinkle Park if memory serves. Unfortunately, people shortly schooled to feat a countless bugs and glitches benefaction in a diversion – dropping yet floors, using by walls – and a times got a bit silly. we was usually meddlesome in legitimate times, so we reluctantly put down my pad.

These days we don’t have a time to master games any more, yet we do like examination speed runs online, quite for tough aged games like Battletoads and Snake Rattle ‘N’ Roll – those guys can do things we can usually dream of!

Oh, and one final thing I’m really unapproachable of: earning a bullion award in Shenmue II for winning a steep race. Not hugely formidable per se, yet it took a lot of diligence and depends on assembly a vast series of in-game requirements.
Tim F

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